My name is Edward. Nice to meet you! I’m from Manchester in England. Many people know Manchester as the home of a famous football team, Manchester United, but actually I don’t like football. What I do like is baking. I like making bread, pizza, cheesecake and cookies. I also like watching movies. Let’s talk about movies and food!

I have lived in Kyoto for more than four and a half years. I really love Kyoto! I like history, and Kyoto has a lot of history, and I like peaceful places, and Kyoto has a lot of those too. My favourite things to do in Kyoto are to go hiking in the mountains or read a book by the Kamogawa.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing my language, culture and experiences with you. Let’s have fun with English!

名    前 Edward Hamer

ニックネーム エドワード先生
好きな食べ物 (Homemade) Pizza
趣味や特技   I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking,
watching movies and learning new things.




好きな言葉    If you think you can, you might. If you think you can’t, you’re right.