Hello, there ! I’m a native English speaker from the second largest city in America with the best skyline, settings for movies and food in the entire country, Chicago. I recently graduated from my university with honors here in Tokyo, Japan with a bachelor’s of science in education. I majored in English and minored in Japanese studies. I’m still studying Japanese, but I can read, write and converse a littler bit conversationally. Fun facts; I can speak a little Spanish, I am a certified pharmacy technician, I can play the guitar, piano and flute (a little) .

I am passionate about educating others and I have taught people of all ages from children to adults various subjects such as math, science, history, and of course English.

For leisure I enjoy traveling, painting, sewing, drawing, cooking, video games, and photography. I love Japan as a country! It’s very clean, orderly, and peaceful. I plan to live and work here in Japan permanently as an educator.


名   前: Sharon
国籍と出身地: アメリカ、シカゴ
年   齢: 22歳
趣味や特技: 旅行、絵画、小物作り、料理
好きな好きな食べ物: みそラーメン、お好み焼き、焼き肉、寿司
好きな言葉:When you keep saying you are busy.then you are never free. When you keep saying you have no time. then you will never have time. When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow . then your tomorrow will never come.