英会話教室教師 学習教室教師 スタッフ
英会話教室 教師


名   前   Leila Navasal Bouillet
ニックネーム  レイ先生
出 身 国   Argentinian
年   齢   27歳
好きな食べ物   Pineapple and tonkatsu.
趣味や特技     I like hiking, taking walks and being surrounded by nature.
好きな言葉      Hope is the last thing you lose.

Hi everyone!

My name is Leila, I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Back in Buenos Aires, I was studying linguistics and literature. I love learning about languages and I wish to help others find the same passion in it. 

I came to Japan almost one year ago because I wanted to learn about Japanese language and culture. Kyoto is a beautiful city that combines tradition, history, nature and the kindness of its people, so I decided that it is the best place to stay during my time in Japan.

I enjoy making new friends and getting the chance to meet people from different places. I hope we can all have fun together while learning, and that we have the chance to learn about each other’s culture in the process!



名    前 Clarence Dy
ニックネーム クラレンス先生
出    身 フィリピン
好きな食べ物 Kare Kare (フィリッピン料理:ピーナッツスープ) 
趣味や特技   trying different international cuisines drawing, studying languages, and touring.

Hello everyone!
My name is Clarence. I’ve been staying in Kyoto for two years now. Ever since coming to Kyoto, I have come to appreciate and admire Kyoto city. I like to go sightseeing and take photos of scenery and streets. I also enjoy watching anime series, travelling to different places, trying new cuisines, writing, and drawing. Sometimes I travel to England especially for Christmas vacation, and I truly enjoy every bit of my stay there. 
Back when I was in the Philippines, I used to teach pre-school children and help in establishing class routines such as activities of daily living, reading, writing, and development of motor skills for children by using school materials. 
Now that I am in Kyoto, I am excited to teach again and help children become better versions of themselves! 



Hello Everyone!!

My name is Sufian. Happy to meet you! I am from Tripoli-Libya. Libya is located in North Africa.I have been living in Japan for seven years. I like Japan and specifically Kyoto. I used to live in Kyoto for five years. I used to study at Kyoto University. My favourite place in Kyoto is Fushimi-Inari.
My hobbies are Hiking, cycling, travelling, and watching movies. I enjoy teaching English. I hope we can have fun while we learn English together.I am looking forward to talking to you about myself and my culture!

名    前 Sufian Elfandi
ニックネーム サフィー先生
好きな食べ物  Sushi
趣味や特技    I like hiking, watching movies andtravelling.  
好きな言葉    Impossible is nothing.


名    前      Edward Hamer
ニックネイム      エドワード先生
出 身 国      イギリス
年   齢      35歳
好きな食べ物    (Homemade) Pizza
趣味や特技                I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, watching movies and learning new things,
好きな言葉      If you think you can, you might . If you think you can’t , you are right .

Hello everyone. 
Hi everyone!

My name is Edward. Nice to meet you! I’m from Manchester in England. Many people know Manchester as the home of a famous football team, Manchester United, but actually I don’t like football. What I do like is baking. I like making bread, pizza, cheesecake and cookies. I also like watching movies. Let’s talk about movies and food!

I have lived in Kyoto for more than four and a half years. I really love Kyoto! I like history, and Kyoto has a lot of history, and I like peaceful places, and Kyoto has a lot of those too. My favourite things to do in Kyoto are to go hiking in the mountains or read a book by the Kamogawa.I am looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing my language, culture and experiences with you. Let’s have fun with English!

名    前       Henry Webster
ニックネイム       ヘンリー先生
出 身 国      イギリス
年   齢       29歳
好きな食べ物     Watermelon
趣味や特技         I enjoy skiing, studying and looking after Japanese rice fish (メダカ)
好きな言葉         When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world
                             will know peace.


Hello everyone. 
My name is Henry and I’m from England. I first visited Kyoto in 2014 and since
then it has been my favorite city in the world! I have been coming to Japan ever since 
  working in the ski industry and also for some summer camps for children. All these previous
jobs have allowed me to work with children which has been so much fun and so rewarding. 
  It’s great watching kids grow in confidence and try new things in a fun environment.  
In my free time I enjoy studying Japanese and looking after Japanese rice fish. I love vegan
food so much that last year my girlfriend and I created our own vegan street food stall in England! 
Thank you Make Way for this opportunity and I look forward to being part of the team and
meeting you all.  

みなさん こんにちは。私の名前はヘンリーです。私はイギリス出身のヘンリーです。
何度もスキー業界の仕事と子供たちのサマーキャンプの仕事で日本を訪れました。 私は、
ヴィーガンのストリートフードのお店を開きました。Make way の新しい仲間の一員として


名  前      Christian Durhan
ニックネイム   クリス先生
出    身   アメリカ・カリフォルニア州
年     齢    26歳
好きな食べ物   Tacos
趣味や特技    I enjoy cooking, playing golf, and learning
                        brand new things I didn’t know before !
好きな言葉     If you have this idea who you should be
                       and who you want to be , get there by whatever
                       means you can !

Hello! My name is Christian Durham. I am 26 years old, and I am from
California, USA. I am currently studying at Ritsumeikan University in
the International Relations college. Before that, I lived in Osaka for two years. Since moving to Japan, I have found a passion in teaching people
English because I believe it helps bridge two cultures togetherI look forward to teaching all the students at Make Way English School, and bringing a little bit of my culture and background to the classroom.


名  前       Jessica Kim 
ニックネイム   ジェシカ先生
出 身 国    アメリカ(ニューヨーク)
好きな食べ物   Pizza
趣味や特技    cooking, art, connecting with people 


Hi everyone, I’m Jessica, a new English teacher at Make Way!  I recently moved to Kyoto from my home in New York City.  When living in New York, I was a fashion designer for over 15 years, making shoes for women for famous brands like Steve Madden and Nine West.  I love art of all kinds, especially illustration, graphic design and craft projects. My most favorite hobbies include both cooking and researching food, and anything to do with music.  I also enjoy playing sports like baseball and soccer when I have time.  I’m very happy to share my knowledge of the English language with my students at Make Way, and for my students have fun while learning.  When learning is enjoyable, we want to learn more!   

みなさん、こんにちは。メイクウエイの新教師、ジェシカです。最近、ニューヨークから京都にやってきました。ニューヨークに住んでいた時は、人気ブランド「Steve madden」や「Nine West」の女性用靴のファッションデザイナーとして、15年以上働いていました。芸術は何でも好きで、特にイラストやグラフィックデザイン、クラフト制作などです。最も好きな趣味は、料理と食の研究、また音楽と一緒にすることは何でも好きです。また、時間があるときには、野球やサッカーなどのスポーツを楽しんでいます。メイクウエイの生徒に英会話を指導し、楽しく学んでいただけることをとても幸せに思っています。学習が楽しければ、私たちはもっと学びたいと思うものです。 

名   前: Priyanka   
ニックネイム: プリヤ先生
出 身 国 : インド
年   齢 : 28歳
好きな食べ物: Pizza & Curry Nan
趣   味 : 読書、料理、ダンス
好きな言葉 : Truth is best policy
採用期間  : 2019年8月19日から

Hi everyone I am Priyanka Patil, your new English teacher.I moved to Kyoto 4 months back from India as my husband got golden opportunity to work in Kyoto University. I am from Pune, Maharashtra India and completed my graduation as well as Post graduation from Pune in Mechanical Engineering Discipline. I used to work as Assistant Professor at Navsahadri College of Engineering Pune for 2 years. Also recently, for 2 years I was worked as Research Associate at IIT Bombay, Mechanical Department.I feel affection towards Japanese people for their significant qualities like Polite, Kind, respectful, punctual and hard working. As I was very keen to work in Japan, I am so glad to have opportunity to work in Make-way and share my knowledge & skills to very much Cute Japanese kids. I hope you love my joyfully learning methods and contribute to your fluent speaking English progress. 



名    前   Ellyse Wiltshire
ニックネイム   エリス先生
出 身 国    オーストラリア
年   齢     25歳
好きな食べ物    Malaysian laksa
趣味や特技     playing roller derby, cooking vegetarian food
               reading, going hiking in the mountains.
好きな言葉     We are what we think.
採用期間     2019年7月~2020年6月 

Hi! I’m Ellyse, your new English teacher. I’m a 25 year old Australian who has been living in Kyoto for about one year. Before living in Kyoto, I was studying Japanese at a university in Tokyo. I’ve been in love with Japan since I was a little girl and my family hosted Japanese exchange students. I’m really excited to be a part of Make Way English School, particularly as I’ll have a chance to share my culture and language with young Japanese people. My teaching philosophy is ‘learning through fun’ so I strive to make my lessons engaging and enjoyable for my students. We will speak a lot of English, learn and laugh a lot too. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone soon!

名 前        Himani
ニックネイム    ヒマニ先生
出 身 国     インド
年   齢      32歳
好きな食べ物   Indian curry rice
趣味や特技     Playing tennis, Listening Indian classical music,
playing with my daughter (Origami)                                   
好きな言葉     No one can make you feel inferior without your consent !
採用期間      2019年6月~2020年3月 


I am Himani your new English teacher .
I am from India. I am in love with Japan as a country especially Kyoto ( itʼs heaven on earth). I am glad that I came here and spent my 9 years. I came as a student of Tsukuba University in 2011 to Japan and after that became a full time researcher in Kyoto Sangyo University. In March 2019 I finished my job as a researcher. I am a mother of 6 year old girl and I enjoy teaching her, so I thought to start teaching other kids too. As a teacher I will make my class productive and full of fun. Please donʼt hesitate to talk to me and ask whatever you like to ask. I am glad to be a language teacher for Make Way. Hope I can bring knowledge and fun to my students.



名 前       Saculsan Phoebe Grace
ニックネイム    フィビー先生
出 身 国    フィリピン
年   齢     29歳
趣味や特技     travelling, taking pictures
好きな食べ物    ramen, Sushi
好きな言葉    Always be kind to one
採用期間     2019年4月~2020年3月 (期間終了後は、更新を予定しています。)

Hello everyone,

How have you been doing? I hope you are enjoying learning English here in our school. I am your new English teacher, my name is Phoebe . I am from the Philippines . I have been living in Japan for more than 4 years now after coming here first as a student. Since graduating from the university last year, I have been working fulltime as an English teacher. I have more than 5 years of experience as an English teacher not only in Japan but to other countries as well such as South Korea and the Philippines. I hope we will have a productive and fun year learning English together! Please don’t hesitate to talk to me and to ask questions. Let’s do our best! 


名 前       Shrutee Parkar
ニックネイム    シュル先生
出 身 国    インド
年   齢     27歳
趣味や特技     Dance, Cooking, Sketching, Poetry writing,
好きな食べ物    Eggs, Shrimps, Meat, Tempra, Rice, Biryani
好きな言葉    もったいない!
採用期間     2019年2月~2020年3月 (期間終了後は、更新を予定しています。)

‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. Think outside the ‘box’ 既存の考えにとらわれずに考えよう!




名   前 :Irish Tobiano     ニックネイム:アイリッシュ
国籍と出身地: フィリピン      年  齢: 34歳
趣味や特技 : 読書 (古典文学やハリーポッター), チェロ演奏、
好きな食べ物: ドーナッツ・アイスクリーム

Hello, everyone! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Irish and I have been living in Kyoto for 3 years now. I recently graduated from Kyoto University, and I decided to stay in Japan for a little while. Japan is a wonderful place to explore! Everyday, I discover something new and interesting. And of course, Kyoto, hands down, is Japan’s most beautiful city.I know English can be a little tricky to learn, but I will do my best make our lessons fun and easy. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything! I believe that the key to learning English is practice, practice, practice! My goal is to encourage you to speak and be more proactive in class. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything! I’m always happy to help young learners. 🙂

「 皆さん、こんにちは。アイリッシュです。京都に住んで3年目。このほど、京都大学を卒業しましたが、日本は素晴らしいので、もうしばらく京都に住んで、もっと面白いところなどを探索してみたいと思っています。英語を学ぶのは、少し面倒なところもありますが、皆さんが英語は楽しく、簡単だと思ってもらえるように、ベストを尽くしたいと思います。ためらわずに、何でも聞いてください。英語を習得するカギは、何といっても、繰り返し、練習することだと私は思っています。私の目標は、皆さんがクラスで英語を積極的に話せるように励ましサポートすることです。どうぞ、ためらわず! 若い未来のある皆さんをサポートすることが私の喜びです。」


名   前           Vida Villegas Yamanaka
ニックネイム   ビダ先生
出 身 国    フィリピン
年   齢     38歳
趣味や特技     読書、ボランティア活動、ゴルフ、写真、
好きな食べ物    寿司
採用期間     2018年6月~2019年3月
Hi! Everyone. My name is Vida Villegas Yamanaka , 38 years of age who lives in Hirakata-city for ten years . Being a permanent resident in Japan made me see and appreciate the beauty of serenity in the Japanese surroundings , I love the nature and the changes of it in every season.
Being a mother of five wonderful kids, I value the healthiness of dishes in Japan. I enjoy eating in rolling sushi with my kids and traveling from city to city. Knowing the value of peace and global communication, I believe that English is essential and plays a vital role for all to explore, learn and know more about the beauty of people , place and culture around the world.

ビダ先生は、38歳、5人のお子さんを持つお母さんでもあります。だから、指導もパワフル。教員経験も豊富で、ビダ先生の楽しさに、生徒は引き込まれています。枚方在住。京阪で毎日、出勤されています。日本人の方と結婚されていますから「ビダ ナカヤマ」さんです。日本の自然や食べ物が大好きで、永住権を取得されています。お子さんと回転寿司を食べに行ったり、旅行をして余暇を楽しまれています。平和や世界の人とつながるには、英語が不可欠。英語を学ぶことで世界中の人々や国、文化の美しさを皆さんに知って欲しいと願っています。ビダ先生は、とてもフレンドリーで楽しい雰囲気を持った先生ですから、友達になって、色んなことを英語で会話してみてくださいね。




名   前: Sharon
国籍と出身地: アメリカ、シカゴ
年   齢: 22歳
趣味や特技: 旅行、絵画、小物作り、料理
好きな食べ物: みそラーメン、お好み焼き、焼き肉、寿司
好きな言葉:When you keep saying you are busy.then you are never free. When you keep saying you have no time. then you will never have time. When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow . then your tomorrow will never come.

Hello, there ! I’m a native English speaker from the second largest city in America with the best skyline, settings for movies and food in the entire country, Chicago. I recently graduated from my university with honors here in Tokyo, Japan with a bachelor’s of science in education. I majored in English and minored in Japanese studies. I’m still studying Japanese, but I can read, write and converse a littler bit conversationally. Fun facts; I can speak a little Spanish, I am a certified pharmacy technician, I can play the guitar, piano and flute (a little) .  I am passionate about educating others and I have taught people of all ages from children to adults various subjects such as math, science, history, and of course English. For leisure I enjoy traveling, painting, sewing, drawing, cooking, video games, and photography. I love Japan as a country! It’s very clean, orderly, and peaceful. I plan to live and work here in Japan permanently as an educator.





Name:                 Iona L. Casas
Nickname:          Iona
country:              Philippines
age:                    26
hobbies:             photography, videography, playing video games, reading books
Food I like:         pizza, burrito, pasta, takoyaki
Favorite expression: “Have courage and be kind.”

Hi everybody!
My name is Iona, I’m 26 years old, and from Philippines. I am here in Kyoto as an international student studying the Japanese language. The first time I came to Japan was 2 years ago and I immediately loved the country. Fast forward to 2 years, I am back and never been happier! I am enjoying every moment I am in, most especially teaching! I love to exchange knowledge with everybody because it is a great way to grow as a person. Let’s do our best together!

皆さん、こんにちは。フィリピンから来た26歳、イオナです。 私は、京都で日本語を学んでいる留学生です。2年前に日本に来てすぐにこの国が大好きになりました。色々、一緒に学んで成長していきたいと思います。一緒に頑張りましょう!


NAME            Eleanor,
ニックネイム   Nel(ネル)
出身               British
年令               33歳
趣味や特技      Photography, movies, spending time with good friends
好きな食べ物   pizza, takoyaki, tea
好きなことば(ことわざ)Always be yourself
My name is Eleanor, but everybody calls me Nel. I moved to Japan in January 2017 and feel very excited to be here. I really enjoy photography 、and design, and Japan is fantastic for both of these things! I studied visual arts at university in Scotland and London, and love being creative. I


NAME                  Byambaa
ニックネイム          Bam Bi   バンビ
出身        Mongolia
年令                    38 years old
趣味や特技            scuba diving, horse riding, ice skating and skiing,
好きな食べ物         sukiyaki, unagi, salmon and maguro sashimi,
好きなことば(ことわざ)life is full of surprises
契約期間:2018年 3月末まで  (短縮・更新されることがあります)
Hello, Everyone
Nice to meet you . Let me introduce myself shortly.
I’m a very active person, I had many hobbies when i lived in Mongolia
such as horse riding, ice skating and skiing, I like to play soft tennis and I used to train for shooting from pistol . Since coming to japan
some of my photos if you like? I love japanese tranditional food, big fan of sukiyaki ”life is full of surprises”.



NAME                  Joseph Dellatte
ニックネイム          Joey  ジョー
バックグラウンド    Belgian (イギリス人の母親、イタリア人の父親。ベルギー出身)
年令                      29 years old
趣味や特技             Zazen, Hiking and travel the  world
好きな食べ物          Pasta, Sushi, Fries ( パスタ、寿司、フライ)
好きなことば(ことわざ)    Some of us are looking at the Stars !
契約期間:2018年 3月末まで  (短縮・更新されることがあります)
Hello, Everyone
My formal name is Joseph and my casual name is Joey. I’m a 29 years old Belgian guy working at Kyoto University. I’ve traveled a lot and have been to 48 countries so far in Europe, Asia,Oceania, Africa, North and South America ! I only miss Antartica ! I enjoy good cuisine, culture, intercultural exchanges and teaching. I have a Degree in History and in international relations.I’m currently working at Kyoto University in Climate change policy. I speak English, French, Italian,Dutch and some Spanish and (a little bit of) Japanese. I love teaching to various types of students and I’m pleased to be a language teacher for make way !


Name: Sophia
Nick name: ソフィア
Nationality: Thai
Hobby: Crafts, Watercolour, Embroidery, Baking, Music
Favourite food: Japanese, Thai, French

Favourite Quote: A good deed brightens a dark world, so let it be like rain, drop a little everywhere.
Hello everyone! My name is Sophia Pinitpouvadol (Pronounced: pi-nit-pu-wa-don). I am originally from Thailand but have been living in England since my High school time for 10 years. I went to an all-girl boarding school in a small town called Ascot. I did a degree in Interior Design and Illustration and I love making children picture books. I love Disney animations and believe me, I can sing a lot of songs from Disney! My favourite one would be Beauty and the Beast. I also like to make all things handcrafted like sewing and embroidery – or making little outfits for dolls. Back in England, when I had free time I would bake cakes and make cookies, too. I travelled around Japan in August from Sapporo to Kumamoto and I grew my love for Japan even more, that’s why I’ve decided to come and live  here for a while.

契約期間:2017年3月末まで  (短縮・更新されることがあります)


aureNICK NAME:オーリー
HOBBY:Traveling, Food, Music, Nature, Art
FAVORITE FOOD:French, Japanese, Iranian and Thai Cuisines
FAVORITE PHRASE:”Be the reason someone smiles today.”

My name is Aurelien. I am originally from France, but traveled around the worldfor the past 7 years. I am now living in Kyoto since a month ago, and I am deeply interested in learning more about Japan and its culture. I love Japanese food (particularly takoyaki and sushis), and I am looking forward to experiencing and improving my knowledges about tea ceremony, Ikebana, Noh theater and Kabuki and attend as many festivals as possible.
I enjoy visiting Japanese temples and I plan in the near future to do the 88-temple pilgrimage in Shikoku.I have studied acting (for stage and television) and comedy/clowning in France, USA and Australia.I hope to get a chance to study more about Japanese theater.
I believe happiness is a key factor in living life fully. Being positive and smiling make each day a more wonderful and enjoyable one. It also helps to make other people be more confident and happy.
I hope I can bring joy, knowledge and fun to my future students.Finally, I personally believe as a teacher I have the responsibility and challengeto make these lovely cute Japanese kids feel proud of themselves for their improvement and they should feel comfortable and enjoy learning English.
It is my goal as a teacher!


契約期間:2016年12月末まで  (短縮・更新されることがあります)

Bibechana Timsina, phD

bibuNICK NAME:Bibu ビブ
HOBBY:cooking, traveling .
FAVORITE FOOD:Japanese and Mexican Cuisines.
FAVORITE PHRASE:Let us sacrifice our today so that
our children can have a better tomorrow

My name is Bibechana. I have lived in Kyoto for almost two years now and Japanese culture continues to fascinate me. Particularly, I enjoy Ikebana and Japanese cooking and I take professional classes when time permits. My husband and I share a common passion for exploring Japanese temples, shrines and pilgrimage routes and have visited over 300 shrines and temples inthe Kansai region including our recent Kumano Kodo pilgrimage. I feel that my defining quality is curiosity. Curiosity was also a driving factor that led to my PhD in developing new medication for cancer. Curiosity is also central in my teaching and learning philosophy. I feel as a teacher if I am able to make my students feel curious about a subject that will lead to a better learning experience. Of course this applies to all areas be it language, mathematics or science. Finally, as an upstanding citizen I believe in contributing to the development of our society. Personally, I feel that any change can be achieved through the early education and this is why I am striving to be a teacher. Also, I find kids (particularly Japanese kids!) extremely cute and I enjoy teaching them. It′s not only about grammar or making better sentences but it is also about playing an active role in the development of the next generation.

契約期間:2017年12月末まで  (短縮・更新されることがあります)


lolodyNICK NAME:ロロディ
HOBBY:Hobby:Traveling, Dancing, Reading novels
FAVORITE PHRASE:Love your naighbour as yourself


Pohan Lin

borganNICK NAME:ポーハン
HOBBY:reading comics, Japanese ones especially, learning how to making desserts, playing chess, and traveling.
FAVORITE FOOD:havinv fried rice, omelet rice, sushi, and yakiniku

Hi, everyone! My name is Pohan Lin from Taiwan. I just turned 23 in May this year.

I went to the United States for both senior high school and univeristy. Learning English, honestly, was not my biggest passion, maybe just like some of you, but after realizing how many new friends I can make with one new language, then why not?
I like reading comics, Japanese ones especially, learning how to making desserts,playing chess, and traveling in my spare time. Of course, there’s more, and it’s always welcome if you would like to share something you like with me!
About foods I like, I like havinv fried rice, omelet rice, sushi, and yakiniku!!! Yum~yum~
Learning English is never easy, but keep in mind, it all depands on how you learn it. Find your interest inside this field and it shall lead you to the place you want to go.

皆さん、こんにちは。台湾から来ました、ポーハンと申します。 今年の5月で23歳になったところです。 ぼくは、高校からアメリカにわたり、大学まで英語を学びました。正直、そのことが大きいわけではなく新たな言語で知り合うことができたことが大きいです。趣味は、日本の漫画を読んだり、デザートを作るのも好きです。チェスや旅行も好きです。また、一緒に皆さんとも楽しめると嬉しいです。(中略)
英語を学ぶことは、簡単ではないけれど、聞いたことをしっかり頭のなかに留めておくことが大切。 あなたの興味や関心が拡がると、あなたが行きたいところに導いてくれるはずです。
契約期間:2016年3月末まで  (短縮・更新されることがあります)

Kusum Sharma ParaJuli

kusumNICK NAME:Kusum クスム
HOBBY:reading books, watching movies, playing volleyball, and so on, cooking new dishes, listening music especially classical music.
FAVORITE FOOD:rice, pulses and curry.
FAVORITE PHRASE:“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

Hi, my name is Kusum Sharma Parajuli. I am from Nepal.I am honest, self motivated and hardworking girl with positive attitude towards my career and life.
I am interesting in reading books, watching movies and TV programs(documentary, news), cooking new dishes, listening music especially classical music. I have quite been good at sports, I like playing volleyball, basketball, running, badminton etc.
My favorite cuisines are rice, chicken, mo:mo, tandoori and pasta. My traditional food is rice, pulses and curry.My favorite phrase is “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

とても誠実で勉強熱心。そして子どもたちにも愛情を持って指導する教師です。 ちなみにクスムは、2年の任期終了後は、母国で大学教授になるための準備をしています。
このたび、母国ネパールで大変な地震が起きました。国内50%の家屋が全壊。8000人 以上が亡くなり、15000人もの負傷者がでているといいう事態に胸を痛めています。クスムの好きなことわざは「物事が困難なときに成功するのは心身とも に頑強な者だ」です。今のネパールの状況もそうですが、我々含めてすべての人に響く言葉ではないでしょうか。京都大学で地震を専門に研究するご主人は、被 災調査で6月はネパールに一時帰国。
クスムは、そのような中でもまずは、全力でメイクウエイの生徒の英語指導にあたりたいと意欲を燃やしています。本校の小学生クラス、守山教師、提携保育園 の指導を5月は担当します。皆さんもクスムと友達になって、ネパールの現状を考える機会にしてもらえたらと思います。!
メイクウエイはクスム以外にも世界から優秀で優しい先生を迎えていますので、 世界の文化、考え方、習慣などを普段の授業から知ることができますね。英語で日本のこと自分の生活、家族、友達、好きなこと、将来の夢などを英語でどんど ん話してみましょう。


ShubhaNICK NAME:Shubho シュボ
HOBBY:riding bike , cooking , interacting with people
listening music
FAVORITE FOOD:rice, pulses and curry.
FAVORITE PHRASE:Nann and Tandori Chicken (Indian dish)

Hello, I am from India the land of diversity. Bengali is my mother tongue but I can also speak Hindi and English , I am married and staying with my husband near to Kyoto University I am a non vegetarian and I love to eat Tandoori chicken and Nan.
I like painting and origami. I have studied arts from Delhi University. I have a pet dog named Dushtu and I love my pet very much. I like to ride my bicycle along the kamogawa in Kyoto.
“very much. I believe that 「Nothing is ”Impossible”」 asthe word itself says

す。デルヒ大学では、芸術を学びました。ペットはダッシュという犬を飼っていて、とても可愛がっています。京都では、自転車に乗って、鴨川沿いを走るのが 好きです。 好きな言葉は何かと聞かれた場合、その言葉自体が言ってるように「世に不可能という文字はない」という言葉が好きです。


Jeffrey J. Conricode

jeffNICK NAME:Jeff ジェフ
HOBBY:Hobby: jogging, ceramics, drawing
FAVORITE PHRASE:“If you can dream it, you can be it.”

こんにちは、ジェフと申します。アメリカ合衆国のデトロイト出身です。この町は、アメリカの車を製造していることで有名です。父は、フォード社のマネージャーで母は、主婦。8人の子供は 全員男の子で、私は7人目です。大家族で我々を育ててくれた両親の努力を素晴らしいと思っています。私は、日本人の奥さんと結婚し、りく君という一人息子がいます。 英語を勉強することは、色んな意味で大切です。もし、英語が話せると、海外に旅行するのもより簡単です。
もし君が、海外で仕事をし活躍したいと願うなら、英語は必須ですが、英語を勉強する一番の理由は、世界中に友達を持つことが できるということではないでしょうか。外国語を学ぶことは、簡単ではないかも知れないですが、身につけてそれを運用することはとても楽しいです。あきらめずにこれからもがんばりましょう。そし て、君の夢を叶えませんか!

Tanisha Ripp

tanisyaNICK NAME:タニーシャ
HOBBY:Hobby: 旅行、フィットネス
FAVORITE FOOD:ラーメン、たこ焼き、お好み焼き
FAVORITE PHRASE:’Life is what you make it’


Michaela Malenchchini

micaNICK NAME:ミカ
HOBBY:Hobby: Reading,Art,Cooking,Traveling, Swimming, Cycling
FAVORITE PHRASE:Fantastic, Amazing



nievesNICK NAME:ニェヴェス
FAVORITE FOOD:チキン・ポーク フィリピン料理では特に、ビーフカルデレタ
FAVORITE PHRASE:Don’t do unto others what you don’t want othres to do unto you.



sinaNICK NAME:シーナ
HOBBY:Hobby:aerobics, cooking, astronomy
FAVORITE FOOD:udon or soba (almost every day)
FAVORITE PHRASE:”The magic that you need is there inside your head.”




peterNICK NAME:ピーター
HOBBY:Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Travelling, Reading, Soccer

ピーターは、カナダのアルバータ―、ドレイトンバレー(バンクーバーから車で12 H)という田舎で乳牛を400頭飼っている農場で生まれ育ちました。両親は、スイス出 身。 とてもフレンドリー、笑顔で優しいピーターは、皆さんの英語コミュニケーションの サポート役として最高の先生です。22歳独身。

Somayeh Tanha

somaNICK NAME:ソマ
HOBBY:イラン料理~特にカバブ(日本の焼き肉に似ている)を作ること~ スイミングはバタフライが得意。読書。
FAVORITE PHRASE:Losing dose not mean losing. It means ‘try.


zakNICK NAME:ザック
HOBBY:Tsugaru Jamisen, Japanese drum
FAVORITE FOOD:Sashimi, Yakitori
FAVORITE PHRASE:一期一会(いちごいちえ)

ザックは、Florida International University で、宗教学やアジア研究をし、その後、ALT(アシスタントランゲージティーチャー)として来日。鹿児島県の16校の小学校と中学校で3年間の指導経験を持っています。 趣味が津軽三味線に和太鼓。好きな食べ物が「さしみ」「焼き鳥」など、とっても日本が大好きな先生です。そして、現在は立命館大学にも在籍し、聴講しています。さまざまな経験と指導力のある教師です。いろいろ話を聞いてみてくださいね。


mercyNICK NAME:メッシー
HOBBY:singing gospel
FAVORITE FOOD:spaghetti, rice
FAVORITE PHRASE:Nothing is too difficult to do.



jamesNICK NAME:ジェイムス
HOBBY:drawing, playing music,playing video games
FAVORITE FOOD:Okonomiyaki, ice cream
FAVORITE PHRASE:”Try your best.”


Geraldine Tauvel

gerryNICK NAME:ジェリー
HOBBY:Kendo practice watching movies, reading, traveling
FAVORITE PHRASE:You have to understand your limits in order to overcome them/ 「日本が大好きです。」


James Edward Burkill

NATIONALITY:English London
HOBBY:skiing, playing soccer
FAVORITE FOOD:寿司、おでん(特にこんにゃく、ソーセージ)
FAVORITE PHRASE:Keep Smilling, Reach for the stars(夢をつかめ)

テディは、とても優しい、感じの良いお兄さんといった雰囲気の教師です。 イギリスのブリストン大学で経済の修士課程を卒業し、TEFLの児童英語教師の資格を持っています。 人柄もやさしく真面目で、生徒とも楽しく触れ合ってくれると思います。

Atticus Sims

atticusNICK NAME:Atticus/Atty
HOBBY:outdoors, cycling, hiking, backpacking, camping, Aikido, reading and listening to music
FAVORITE PHRASE:Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something..

Haci Mehmet Sevilmis

maxNICK NAME:Max(マックス)
HOBBY:surfing the net, watching soccer games
FAVORITE FOOD:Indian curry and Green Salad


amyNICK NAME:エイミー
HOBBY:listening music(Orange Range), watching movies
FAVORITE PHRASE:You can do it.


Birgit Arndt

biggiNICK NAME:Biggi(ビギー)
HOBBY:playing the drums, camping
FAVORITE FOOD:sushi and chocolate
FAVORITE PHRASE:Don’t live every day as if it were your last. Live every day as if it were your first. (Paulo Coelho)

ビギーは、母国語のドイツ語に加えて、小学校の時10才から英語を勉強し始め、卒業後もカナダに留学したり、英語を使う生活をしてきましたので、流暢な英語を話します。子どもが好きで、真面目な人柄で、楽しいレッスンをしてくれると思います。 生徒の皆さんも保護者の皆さんも、ぜひビギーとたくさん話して、仲良しになってほしいと思います。 そして英語を通して、世界をさらに広げて頂ければと思っております。

ドミニック エデソル

FAVORITE PHRASE:You can do it if you try.


サミア ザウィア

samiaNICK NAME:sami
HOBBY:listening music, drawing, learning languages
FAVORITE FOOD:sushi and chocolate cakes
FAVORITE PHRASE:take it easy!


ポーロミ ダスグプタ

poulomyNICK NAME:Polo
HOBBY:Reading books, Traveling
FAVORITE FOOD:Indian Curry, Sushi, Pasta
FAVORITE PHRASE:Give me a “High Five “


マイリーン ヤップ

myleenNICK NAME:Mae(メイ)
HOBBY:watching movies reading books (novels,inspirational books)
FAVORITE FOOD:Yakisoba, Sushi Meado(phillipino)
FAVORITE PHRASE:Be proactive always.


デイビット アーテッチェ

david2NICK NAME:Dave
HOBBY:Travel,Guitar,Photography,American Football
FAVORITE FOOD:Yakiniku, Mexican Food, Cheesestaek, Nikuman
FAVORITE PHRASE:Nothing ventured, nothig gained.


Phearak Pheng

pearukNICK NAME:Phearak
HOBBY:music, singing, reading
FAVORITE FOOD:Fried rice, meat, vegetables
FAVORITE PHRASE:Being a teacher is the best job


Mark Barns

andyNICK NAME:Andy
HOBBY:Judo, fishing, hiking
FAVORITE FOOD:all food, vegetables, fruits, rice,a whole-rice bun, omelets, cheese, chankonabe
FAVORITE PHRASE:Don’t count your eggs before they hatch.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

William Llewellyn

HOBBY:dance, watching movies, shopping
FAVORITE FOOD:Fish and chips
FAVORITE PHRASE:I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I must be perfect

Sarah Walsh

sarah2NICK NAME:Sezza
HOBBY:dance, watching movies, shopping
FAVORITE FOOD:Fish and chips
FAVORITE PHRASE:I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I must be perfect

Michael Murray

MichaelnewNICK NAME:Mike
HOBBY:Drawing, Computers, Toy Robots, Rock Music and Cooking
FAVORITE PHRASE:Children are the future of the world.

Nicolas Steiner

pic_17NICK NAME:Nick
HOBBY:photography, hiking, playing succor
FAVORITE FOOD:pork roast, tempura, udon, sashimi

Vajira Dewamitta

pic_18NICK NAME:ワジラ デワミッタ
HOBBY:football, swimming, cooking and traveling
FAVORITE FOOD:curry & rice, sushi
FAVORITE PHRASE:If you have a will, you have a win.

Sowmiya Moorthie

sowmiyaNICK NAME:Sowmi
HOBBY:hiking, reading, playing veena
FAVORITE FOOD:umeboshi, Indian curry, chocolate
FAVORITE PHRASE:Work smart not hard!

Benjamin Stevens

pic_16NICK NAME:ベンジャミン スティーブンス
HOBBY:fishing, wake-boading
FAVORITE FOOD:yakiniku, fish

Adele Smith

pic_09NICK NAME:アデル
HOBBY:hot curry, green tea ice cream
FAVORITE FOOD:umeboshi, Indian curry, chocolate

Philippe Arsenault

pic_10NICK NAME:フィリップ
HOBBY:playing the piano,swimming, snowboarding
FAVORITE FOOD:udon, pizza, fruits



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